YouTube vs Adblockers fight
YouTube decided to employ an anti-adblock tactic: the system looks for an adblocker and if one is found, displays a popup asking to turn off an adblock program.
Vanda Baranova

YouTube vs Adblockers fight

Well, never-ending “catch me if you can” game between YouTube, ad blockers, and users has reached a critical point, with YouTube making it impossible for some users with adblockers to watch videos and adblock creators and consumers constantly updating their tactics to continue blocking ads on YouTube. Though, they can be creepy, dumb or even fake sometimes. Recently there was a case of numerous false MrBeast ads offering a bunch of money or a new phone. Or some sinister videos from a user named Dr. Ich, a person wearing an ominous mask. Or those phone games with a totally different gameplay than the one was shown in the advertisement. 


Some ads blocking tool would’t harm there, how do you think?

YouTube team can disagree here, though.


If you face a YouTube blocking your adblock, you may see a message stating that “video playback has been restricted unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled.” It also prompts you to turn on advertisements or try YouTube Premium. 


In general, YouTube, as the most popular video hosting service, decided to employ a standard adblock wall tactic: the system attempts to detect an ad blocker and, if one is detected, displays a popup prompting users to disable their ad block program. Because testing is clearly still ongoing, there are several versions of these pop-ups. However, the percentage of impacted users is expanding thus we can reasonably assume that soon YouTube is going to implement it for all its users.


Of course, ads do financially support an extensive community of creators all through the world and allows  billions of people to enjoy what they love on YouTube, but shouldn’t there be more control over the content? Those fake giveaways from famous bloggers and disturbingly-looking persons are, well, quite questionable, especially when we take into consideration the fact that not only responsible and financially independent adults are watching YouTube.